Author: Manoush Zomorodi

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Video Presentations: One Easy Way to Keep Them Watching

Audiences make snap judgments about anyone on camera. Viewers immediately assume someone is hostile if they look slightly angry. A confused look can come across as dopey. A blank face looks snooty or boring. That’s because video amplifies every facial expression—and often viewers don’t stick around to find out if their first impression was wrong. …

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Parent Entrepreneurs: When the Personal Crowds Your Personal Brand

This is the second in my series of mommy entrepreneur profiles. But I need to rename this series because of the feedback I got from said “mommies.” The phrase mommy entrepreneur didn’t sit well with them. My goal was to conjure up images of innovative female businesswomen carving out new ways of integrating work and …

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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: Kawasaki’s 3 Steps to Success

I just interviewed Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple evangelist, social media master, and author of 12 books. We met up at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and talked about how to grow your following and self promote without being icky. He, in particular, was very keen to talk about self-publishing—understandably because his second …