If You Have Only One Week What Will You Do?

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If one week is all you have left, what will you do? Many frequently forget to appreciate what is in front of them while time slips away. Too many disturbances get in the way having most people choosing to remain in their comfort zone.

Is there any reason you can’t do all of what you envision or at least some of it if you have a long lifetime ahead? The point is to get very clear on what to focus so that success will be far more likely in your forecast.

The noise of what one is supposed to do or should do is tiring yet most people give in. They act obediently to please those putting out the advice. And some believe they have to invest in the latest and the best of everything. The problem with that is they collect a pile of ‘things’ that have little meaning or value in the long term. Others look to the future as to how they may help improve society or at the very least improve their education.

“Seek out like minded friends friends” is a common theme but not everyone adheres to it. As with other ideas, there are many sides to the meaning. One reason this is important is that not all days work out spectacularly, but on the down days it is your friends who will lift you up.

Collecting life experiences is far more important than things. The adventures become a lifelong investment of learning and a vehicle for sharing intriguing stories. Both your friends and your clientele will whole-heartedly welcome the conversations.

None of us are free from unexpected events that may stop us in our tracks. The point to all of this is to know in your soul what holds most important to you and how you might empower others coming up behind you. Once you recognize and focus on what you cherish most, life will become more meaningful and enjoyable.


If you have ever dreaded Sunday evening because Monday morning requires a drive to work that you don’t care for, you may wish to give the following questions some thought. In your quiet time reflect on your past experiences that excited you the most. Answer the questions as to why they were exciting, and what your takeaways were.

Some questions to consider:

  • Is there more of the same experience in your future?
  • Are there related paths you might consider?
  • How can you focus on the most exciting events to turn them into a more interesting career?

Whichever career you choose, enthusiasm has to be seen in your face and in your voice. Otherwise, others will stay away from you and this holds true for prospective clients, too. As one who might qualify and match friends, it’s important to take stock of our own characteristics and personality traits to put our best selves forward.

By taking the needed steps to find the enjoyment in your career and life, you will simultaneously help to build an admired personal brand.

Sales Tips

1. Find the excitement in your life’s work.

2. Examine past experiences for ideas of what to do next.

3. List the adventures that bring a smile.

4. Figure out how you might develop a new career based on what you most enjoy.

5. Create a new list for the investment, education and time allotment to make it happen.

6. Confer with friends about your new idea.

7. Gather best advice for making the idea a reality.

8. Prioritize your thoughts with the advice to fast track development.

9. Decide upon your first baby step and take action.

10. Celebrate Success!