Job seekers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs will occasionally face the uncertainty of an uphill battle. Most often that skirmish takes place in the form of self-talk. Those astute in observing facial expressions and body language will spot the inferior self-confidence long before a conversation ever begins. It is the negative thought that will prevent one from securing a job or a sale.

Spiral Upward

Should something currently be bothering you, make a list of the people you may call. The list should include personal friends and peers who do not judge you but support you. Include on your list, those who are more advanced in their careers and who can provide sound advice.

By talking out the current problem with trusted friends, many times new ideas come to light. The light gives hope that you can solve the issue. It is the hope that gives you the motivation to begin moving forward again with renewed energy.

It is your increased enthusiasm and energy that will attract more people to you and your work. The attraction is exactly what is needed during job interviews, contacting prospective clients and conducting sales meetings. Enthusiasm is contagious, and that’s what others about to hire you as a service provider or employee want to see upfront. It is the joy in your voice that translates to liking what you do and gives assurances to those about to spend money on your talent.

Help Another

Likewise, on the days everything seems to be going well, make it your turn to reach out and call someone who comes to mind. You just might reach someone who is experiencing a similar type of down day themselves. When the intent is genuine, and you want to update one another, the conversation is unlike most others. The dialogue turns into a heartwarming one (even with prospective clients) because deep down, we are all human beings. It’s good to hear from people who care, and it’s special when someone demonstrates the interest and caring touch.

Think about:

  • The people who have come to mind
  • Curiosity you have about projects previously mentioned.
  • The new position someone took on recently.

There is no doubt the other people will be thrilled to hear from you. The conversation may simply end on a high note. But in many cases, as others see you take the lead to call and inquire about what’s new, they come to admire your forthright personal brand.  The small effort of calling someone often gives way to the unexpected referral to add to your pipeline of possibilities.

There is nowhere but up as conversation develops and you find yourselves on a path together as friends. Build those friendly alliances as they lead to the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips

  1. On down, days call someone who comes to mind.
  2. Ask about the other person’s news.
  3. Show genuine interest in conversations.
  4. Provide ideas as conversations build.
  5. Suggest introductions as more insight comes to light.
  6. Ask to collaborate with the people who reach out as appropriate.
  7. Inquire as to how friends would handle a situation.
  8. Show appreciation for the interest others show you.
  9. Follow-up promptly to get the latest updates.
  10. Celebrate Success!