Motivation Routine

A long list of have-to-do’s both personally and professionally, day in and day out, tends to dampen motivation. The second factor involved is your comfort level. Being comfortable prevents many from taking a leap forward. The question then becomes whether you are truly content and happy with where you are at, or deep down, do you desire to move forward?


Each time a switch is made, there is a feeling of both excitement and overwhelm. It is exciting to anticipate being at a new level, but in reality there is the need to face a steep learning curve. This is in addition to continuing the feat of building business.

The good news is that within a few months of determined effort, you should find yourself on more of an even keel and enjoying life. As a motivated individual and as time progresses, you will be ready to take on the next leap to learn more.

The future is a blank canvas, paint your vision today

The Real You

The key to success behind all of this is to know yourself well. There is tremendous stress in changing direction and it may affect relationships with those around you.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you bored; if so what will advancement do for your outlook?
  • Do you subconsciously dream about advancing forward?
  • Are you ready to put steps in place to make advancement possible?

As you begin to consider these questions, also be in tune with your mood. Should you find yourself feeling a tinge of excitement contemplating the idea of moving forward, this may be the signal that it’s time to chart a new course.

Before you create a plan of action there are a number of items to be considered.

  • Out of all of your experiences, which talent brings the most satisfaction?
  • How may you leverage this talent into something bigger and bolder?
  • Establish sound reasons as to why this new idea is to be approached.

Once the above has been figured out, it is time to create your unique plan of action. Will you build an entrepreneurship or do you have a good idea as to which companies will embrace your talent?

In either case, reflect on your complementary talent, strengths and motivation for making the change. The reasoning for this is that your unique story is the basis for building a sound personal brand statement to build upon for a strong branding program. It is your story that attracts attention of your intended employer or clientele.

Sales Tips:

  1. Be aware of possibilities that lie ahead
  2. Consider whether it’s time to make a change
  3. Give serious thought to what is involved in making that change
  4. List precisely where change in your work is to be made
  5. Document the benefits you will see by moving forward.
  6. List the actions to initially be taken
  7. Place a timeline next to each action to be implemented.
  8. Spread the word to peers and friends of where you are headed.
  9. Ask trusted peers and friends for recommendations.
  10. Feel the excitement of having launched your professionalism forward!