Koto collaborates with Index Ventures to launch multifaceted platform

"Koto Ventures"

Creative agency Koto has joined hands with Index Ventures to unveil Index Press, a novel multi-format platform promising unique insights through books, podcasts, articles, and interactive apps. The collaboration centers on delivering value through high-quality content that stands apart from the crowded digital space.

The launch brought to light an innovative tool, TeamPlan, designed to bolster start-up entrepreneurs. It aids in the evaluation of operational practices and the refinement of decision-making skills through data utilization.

Known for their successful associations with businesses like Blablacar, Trailine, and Discord under the Index Ventures umbrella, Koto earned the assignment owing to their strategic prowess. They affirm a similar level of victory with Index Ventures while consolidating their standing as a dependable and valued collaborator.

Working on the new brand, Koto faced several challenges, including crafting adaptable designs for diverse platforms and managing intricate stakeholder associations, shares Sam Howard, Koto’s creative lead. The aim was to ensure alignment with Index Ventures’ ethos while giving Index Press a separate identity.

Koto and Index Ventures unveil multi-format platform

Regular meetings were useful for open communication and superior outcomes.

Aiming to strike a balance between history and modernity, the design team respected the reputation of Index Ventures while building an exclusive image for Index Press. Keeping in line with this, a modern editorial style was adopted, blending with Index’s visual identity to constitute a fresh and functional logo and an appealing color palette. A mix of minimalist design and colorful graphics adorned the new website layout, fitting comfortably with the company’s vision.

The use of visual elements such as infographics, animation, and video content provided an engaging platform for the audience and allowed for a smooth device transition without hampering the user experience.

Index Press also employs art illustrations for founders and contributors, paving the way for easy reader navigation through unique color assignment for each theme. Together with carefully selected relevant images and distinct depiction of content types, these features create a visually appealing and navigable environment.

Marking their launch, Index Press released their first publication, “Scaling Through Chaos: The Founder’s Guide to Building and Leading Teams from 0 to 1,000”, exemplifying their commitment to offering valuable content. The publication serves as a roadmap for leaders striving to grow their ventures effectively in the face of adversity and embodies Index Press’s commitment to their readers.