Make Sense Out of Change and Join The Dance

Personal Branding

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts

I’m going to riff a little today.

I found this quote by British philosopher Alan Watts, which grabbed me and really perked me up because of how simple, and sound and playful its message is. It gave me another approach to change that I can definitely deal with. Can you?

We don’t always feel great about change, especially if it is unexpected and thrust upon us, but there’s great opportunity that comes with change. Things move pretty darn fast today and it’s easy to fall behind, lose momentum and get discouraged. What really struck me was that you can’t really think too much about what’s changing, instead think more about what you need to do to go through it and get to the other side. Buckle up, put on your crash helmet and make sure your parachute ready to open!

Change is really an amazing catalyst for us and it gives us the opportunity to make it an integral part of our personal story. We move, grow and evolve and that is consistently reflected through our story, journey and personality.

We are all given and dealt circumstances that we have to accept and navigate. We can fight it, ignore it and curse it, but choosing to do nothing and stay stuck is a surefire way to stay discouraged. If you want to be inspired has profiled 10 Stories of Change: Fellows and Their Journeys  from around the world, people who are mobilizing their communities to create amazing change.

Going through change also allows us to talk about and share our personal experiences and lessons that often time is not only cathartic for us, but most times helps someone who may be going through it too, know they are not alone.

We are not built to be static beings, we are given the genetic gifts to be organic, moving beings. We have the super power abilities to be resilient, adaptable and creative. Wherever you are in your personal cycle.

  • Find ways and reasons to celebrate yourself.
  • Continuously self actualize your knowledge, spirituality and values.
  • Work through your fears and get better at welcoming the opportunity that change brings.
  • See how change  has benefitted you and what you have gained by going through it or witnessing it.

Blog about it, join other blogger conversations, speak out and be a power of example of the process of your challenges and triumphs. All of this impacts our personal and professional success.  We can share about what we are going through in an honest, helpful way. We tell our story and make it have meaning.  It’s personal branding at its simplist, most organic form.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts

Now, shall we get up and start dancing!


Deborah Shane is Top 100 Small Business Champion 2012, Career Author, branding/media strategist, writer and speaker. She hosts her Toolbox Blogand a popular weekly Business Radio Show that has over 108K downloads! She is a regular contributor to, Monster, Blogher,, Her book Career Transition-make the shift is available on and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for CNN, CBS, Fox and Forbes.