Make Your Personal Brand Visible with Newsle

Personal Branding

A crucial element for maintaining a personal brand is having credibility. Building credibility by sharing relevant content and managing your online reputation is a no-brainer. In fact, while you could be an exceptional expert in your field online, what good is it to your personal brand if your efforts aren’t visible to your network? Newsle is a free website that tracks the news about people across the web and can get you noticed.

Newsle accomplishes to alert you when you, a friend, or a public figure is mentioned online. The site monitors the web for mentions in online newspapers, blogs, magazines, and news sites, while private information (like personal records) are off limits.

When signing up, you are able to register through Facebook, LinkedIn, or with your personal email address. You then can import your contacts from one or both of your social profiles. Here are the key features:

Active Newsfeed: Once you login, the interface provides is a newsfeed of mentions,either by your friends or public figures you can follow through Newsle. In addition, you can further customize your newsfeed showing only your Facebook friends, LinkedIn connection, or types of public figures (like politicians or journalists).

All-in-One Profile: Within your profile, you can add a bio and submit your own published articles or mentions. With each mention you receive, your prominence in the news, or “fame factor,” rises from 0 to 100. You can also lead others to your profile with a Newsle widget on your website, blog, or Facebook profile.

Email Alerts: With Newsle checking every major newspaper, news site, and blog for news hourly, you can be sure that an email will be sent notifying you of your or a friend’s mention.

Pros of Newsle

  • Free
  • Easy to set-up, import friends, and follow figures
  • Actively scours and updates for news mentions and alerts you
  • Displays your content and news about you in one place
  • ​Great for staying in the loop with your network
  • Able to conduct research on a person (like an interviewer or speaker) efficiently

Cons of Newsle

  • Can access data on your Facebook profile at anytime – although Newsle will never post anything without your permission
  • Newsle remains in “beta mode”, meaning bugs, errors, and performance issues are still being worked on and may arise more often

For building a visible and cohesive online personal brand, Newsle proves to be a useful tool. Joining is easy and free, and it lets you track your own online content and mentions, as well those of your friends in one place. When your brand is only tied to your Twitter post, Newsle can add help add online credibility.