To progress your career and increase job satisfaction, keep up with current trends. Most for the New Year relate to the hybrid work model.

To progress your career and increase job satisfaction, keep up with current trends. Most for the New Year relate to the hybrid work model.

This sudden trend shift to “work anywhere” due to a terrible and disruptive pandemic will continue to evolve. However, today’s trend is tomorrow’s trash. Unless the brand has true validity. Mastering this new paradigm’s skills and attitudes will position you for development and success.

1. Talent trumps everything.

The Great Resignation is a blessing for people seeking change, growth, and adventure. It brings out the natural leader in men and women.

For example, it allows you to apply for jobs you never thought you’d be qualified for. You’re in control of your career like never before. This chance won’t last long. What will you do with it?

Branding your talent is crucial. Similarly, making it clear to others is a priority you can never ignore. Eternal vigilance is the price of a memorable brand. Never let up for a moment. Never let your brand sleep. Keep it under your control at all times. Refuse to let others interfere with it even if their intentions are good. The road to brand oblivion is paved with good intentions.

2. Side hustle trend arises.

Along with the hybrid way of working, side hustles have become a significant part of many people’s lives, including those with full-time jobs. Working for a firm while creating your own business is increasingly considered a complementary activity. This should inspire fresh ideas about your own brand, profession, and worth.

Outside General Counsel for attorneys and MarketerHire for marketing solopreneurs enable individuals already employed to find extra work. LinkedIn recently responded to this tendency. They now offer outsourcing platforms.

3. Digital dexterity is required.

Everyone uses technology, from AI to robots to data analytics. You need to digitally enable chores to free up time for more human duties like connection development and strategy planning. And it makes you stand out. Having IT skills is also important for communicating in the hybrid workplace.

This is becoming less and less of a problem as people retire. They are the last generation that was still hard-wired to analog. It may sound cruel, but with their exit the era of digital supremacy is now complete. Analog anything, such as a wristwatch, is considered quaint. Or embarrassingly retro.

4. Soft talent trend shines.

As technology grows more prevalent in the workplace, so does your humanity. After all, being human is the only valuable asset you can provide to your company. It’s more vital than ever. Workplace humanity is lacking. Only focusing on hard talents will backfire. Combat the everyday digital bombardment with empathy and intelligence.

The human touch is becoming more scarce, yet more desirable. We are not a nation of robots. Not yet. And consumers need constant assurance that they are dealing with people, not algorithms.

5. Remote employment can hinder professional advancement.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a grim warning for all or primarily remote workers. Remote employees must work more to be equal. Sure, working from home lowered or eliminated your commute — great! But you also decreased your visibility among those you want to influence.

Newer events are favored over older ones. Keeping in touch with your boss — even in the corridor just before she gives you a big job — is good politics.

6. Outside input is vital.

You’re more isolated than when you were all co-located together. You often live in your own, confined world. We all need to routinely get feedback from important individuals to know what they think of you. People who know you hold your personal brand in high regard. Seek feedback to keep your career on track. This is a truism that needs no proof.

7. Showing a team mentality has a big influence.

It’s more important than ever to be an active, connected team member when the conventional ties that bind teams dissolve. That involves completely participating in Zoom sessions and checking in on colleagues even when no project progress necessitates it. Act as the team leader, regardless of title. Keep sight of the main team goal no matter what. It’s a good feeling knowing someone has your back.

8. Your connection with your boss is vital.

Don’t make your employer envious of your leadership talents (above), but do your best to help your boss. Find out how you can assist, and do so enthusiastically. Leaders are also exhausted. Make yourself visible and important to your manager on a daily basis.

Loyalty is a rare quality in business today. But it is still valued and remains valuable. Dog-eat-dog only leads to a bunch of chewed-up mutts. The Golden Rule never goes out of style. And it always pays dividends.

9. Meetings gain a boost.

If seeing your calendar full of Zoom meetings makes you scream, there is good news. Using technology to enhance meetings. Zoom established the Zoom App Marketplace to enhance the video conferencing experience. The new Apple Keynote allows you to present yourself in your presentations. Meetings will be more fun.

Master meeting technology and introduce new features to your stakeholders.

10. The video closeup trend.

Video is finally taking over. Since 2003, I’ve spoken about video’s potential as a communication tool, and it’s always been on my yearly trends list. Finally, the new year will be the year of video. In fact, it is your personal brand’s most potent instrument. Last year was about video comfort. Get incredibly skilled at utilizing video so you may have a deeper, more engaging presence and will be remembered. Identify the trends that will help you define and expand your personal brand in the New Year.