Microsoft updates Bing Webmaster Tools with new features

"Bing Webmaster Updates"

Microsoft’s Bing Webmaster Tools have undergone significant updates. New features include an enriched version of IndexNow reports dubbed IndexNow Insights plus a new ‘Top SEO Insights’ feature aimed at boosting user experiences with key data and analytics.

Publicized at PubCon by Fabrice Canel, IndexNow’s popularity has seen an impressive rise. The number of submitted URLs spiked from 1.2 billion to over 2.5 billion in six months. A significant 17% of all URLs clicked in Bing search results hail from IndexNow, indicating its power in accelerating online traffic.

The enhanced IndexNow Insights report offers information on crawled and submitted URLs issues and comprehensive data on indexed, crawled and submitted URLs. Users gain access to the latest 1000 submitted URLs with their indexing status and timelines. The feature offers strategic resources for website optimization.

A particularly informative aspect of the tool is the ‘Important URLs Missing’ feature.

Enhancements to Bing’s webmaster tools

It sheds light on unindexed and recently discovered links clicked within Bing search results, as well as providing data on content quality errors, robots disallowed, not crawled, indexed, and broken links. These insights are valuable for SEO and site management.

Additionally, the tool analyzes troublesome URLs, suggests remedies, and provides details on non-indexed URLs, sample URLs, and methods for improving URL indexing. The tool’s aim is to simplify the complexities of URL indexing for SEO advantage.

The ‘Top SEO Insights’ function consolidates key SEO challenges faced by websites, offering insights to improve content quality, index coverage, progress monitoring, and structured data and backlink optimization. In essence, it’s a comprehensive tool that addresses common SEO challenges, enhancing the website’s SEO performance.

With a focus on improving the site’s index coverage – essentially, the number of website pages indexed by Bing, the tool also aims to optimize structured data and backlinks. These measures help Bing to understand site content more accurately, allowing for efficient indexing and successful ranking.

In a bid to heighten usability, Bing restructured the tool’s navigation bar, eliminating the SEO tab and merging its components into the main navigation.