Do you remember your old school days, where the standard test featured was that of asking you to choose between True or False answers?
 Those types of tests can easily drive the creative person crazy as the grey line and new possibilities were always seen. The entrepreneurial sort would ask of each question, “What if?”  But there was no room for the appropriate answer.

Today, we have so many choices surrounding us, it’s difficult to say no or yes to all of them. The best course in this case, is to question where you are, where you are headed, and what do you want your business to become when it matures. One suggestion is to treat your business as a living being in order for it to keep on thriving.

Most likely, several paths are at your fingertips. The important piece is to move forward with the avenues that acknowledge the learning time required, the monetary investment as it compares to your budget, and the added time for trial and error to get the implementation on the best footing. And as you examine these pieces of the puzzle, add in the examination of your priorities and values. Decide which of the multiple-choice solutions will continue with consistency of how you conduct business. It is the consistency in your actions that defines your personal brand best.

Dependent upon how experienced you are with your endeavor will determine whether you should begin with one or multiple choices.  In the beginning stage, it is recommended you start with one new path at a time to get a good handle on all associated aspects and implications. Working this way will give you a solid foundation. Proceeding similarly to the next idea and then the next, will give you greater familiarity. Soon you will be able to implement a couple of ideas in a similar timeframe.

The next qualifier is verifying that each piece of your business development program complements and supports one another in your marketing – branding effort. This will serve to also build a well-recognized personal brand to get you better known. Once this occurs, you find it becomes far easier to attract greater interest in your work.

For example, in an email alone, you may put your social media links, pictures of your products, and link to wherever you want your email recipient to visit.  Likewise, in any social venue you choose, you are free to include a video, a link, and share posts of friends and partners.  The point is to intermix everything you do to build and attract wider audiences.

The ultimate true-false, or, multiple choice test is the validity of collaboration. In today’s social world, it is collaboration that produces multiples of possibility. Reciprocal arrangements for re-posting one another’s work, has the potential for providing exponential results.

As you can see, the initial multiple-choice leads to numerous multiples. This in turn leads to a dynamic business and career growth. By continually monitoring, learning and implementing, you ultimately find the Smooth Sale!