We have all been a party to sensitive discussions both personal and in the corporate environment. We know that if we do say what’s on our mind, the other person will take offense. So, although we have the urge to blurt out our opinions we tend to hold back. Most of us are taught that diplomacy rules. However, on another level, the perspective we hold inside would actually provide value.

The decision of whether to speak or keep quiet becomes a balancing act. There are times when we do speak up due to frustration, and with the ‘Oh Well’ frame of mind plus our fingers crossed for an okay outcome.

Think about the typical dialogue between employees and management in the sales arena. Most often managers are so focused on revenue numbers that they forget that those who report to them are often sensitive human beings. Those who don’t have the right numbers in their forecast will soon be put on the less than desirable list and then depart due to ill treatment.

Hiring, departure, and hiring once again cost the company far more money than if a sale faded away. The logic just isn’t there. However, if the Manager were to ask, “How may another team member or I assist you?” the situation would vastly improve. It is far more likely that the person would be inclined to stay and try his best. With proper encouragement, it is also likely that making quota will be in the forecast.

As an employer or one who conducts sales meetings, building the relationships and obtaining the perspective of others first lays the groundwork for more in-depth discussions.  Mentally review your recent conversations and consider if you were generous with your time to fully understand everything being said.

  • Did you ask for clarification where needed?
  • Were you inclusive and respectful of everyone in the meeting?
  • Although opinions varied from yours, did you embrace those too?

Unfortunately, most people are so focused on the sale they forget they are dealing with other sensitive human beings. Once again, being professionally personal makes all the difference. As the relationship is built so is confidence in your ability to provide the solutions that are sought.

Embracing varying ideas from everyone is the magic for expanding sales due to being provided with hidden insights with which you weren’t initially privy. As the conversation progresses, the potential sale becomes far more robust. In the end, higher numbers and sales recognition become your reward. By incorporating these suggestions, a highly admired personal brand will be built.

Sales Tips

  1. Let nasty remarks slide.
  2. Always use diplomacy. In team environments offer help.
  3. As a manager, provide coaching and other assistance as needed.
  4. The best strategy in sales is an inquiring mind.
  5. Ask appropriate questions until you can no longer think of more.
  6. Work toward consensus when more than one other person is involved.
  7. As you hear tough questions, answer directly and without hesitation.
  8. Answer everything honestly, with confidence and in a friendly tone.
  9. Ask if there are remaining questions.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!