Over Deliver on Expectations to Receive Extraordinary Results

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As you are about to complete a transaction with a client, ask what their expectations might be regarding their purchase. Several reasons exist for doing so.

On a rare occasion, you might hear something unreasonable, so it’s good to clarify ahead of time. Be straightforward by letting the client know what you cannot do and what you are able to provide. Negotiate terms before it’s too late, and the client becomes irate and inclined to spread bad word of mouth.

Even more rare and unreasonably so, the client will refuse to be accommodating in any way, shape or form. In this instance, you will do best to withdraw your offer of help. You might even suggest someone else who will be better equipped to handle the situation.

Most of the time, clients will tell you reasonable expectations about their purchase. They may share benefits they believe will come about, expectation of delivery time, and how their current issues may soon be resolved. Address one aspect at a time in order to be certain you are both on the same page and that disappointment will be non-existent. In this case you know precisely what and how to deliver that will be met with keen satisfaction.

The main reason you will do well to over deliver on expectations is that the client will be far more inclined to provide you with repeat business, referrals and testimonials. Warm calls to new prospects do far better than cold calls, and testimonials posted online will work well to attract a larger audience.

In addition to conversations regarding over-delivering on expectations, punctuality plays a large part too, as does following up on tiny requests. When you take excellent care of your clientele, you encourage good word of mouth about you and your business.

Another avenue to consider is when you may have an opportunity to contribute to a project, or, you yourself are asked to provide a testimonial. A good rule of thumb is to deliver a little more than the minimum requested. In your response, relay that the party should feel free to make suggestions on how to tailor the information to exactly what is desired.

For example, a request came from a well-known software company to contribute to an upcoming e-book. Nine questions were posed, and the request stated, “Please answer 3 of the listed questions”. Taking one look at the questions, it was clear 7 of them were easy to answer. The thinking was that perhaps a couple of answers may not be to their liking, so by answering more, it would increase the opportunity to be included in the e-book.

The big surprise came when it was learned the information submitted would be included in not just one, but three of the new upcoming e-books. Over-delivering on the answers proved to be an excellent choice.

When your clientele observes you working to do your best to over-deliver on expectations, you will be rewarded over and over again with repeat business, larger sales, and referrals to your heart’s desire. You will have built a trustworthy personal brand. It truly becomes a Smooth Sale!

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