I still remember my grandmother packing the Skin So Soft in my bag as I left for summer camp. All the other kids had OFF! And I had this soft, nice smelling bug spray. Why? Because my grandmother was an Avon lady; she loved skincare (and her skin showed it) and it made wonderful extra income for her ladies nights.

Part-time passion

My grandmother’s passion for skincare filtered to her seven daughters (yes, seven) and all of us grand-daughters. We’re blessed with a great skincare regimen, and smart business skills also. For others who loved cosmetics, Mary Kay Ash was the best thing since sliced bread. Selling blush and lipstick turned into Cadillacs and cruises. Now that is a way to build your brand and bank account at the same time!

The new decade of Avon ladies

Rarely do my girlfriends and I sit around discussing skincare, unless it’s botox. And let’s be honest, I’m not buying that from anyone other than a physician. What we do chat about is entertaining and shopping. How do you turn those part-time passions into a personal brand that you can bank – while looking for full-time work or taking care of kids?

Personal shopper

Until recently, unless you were wealthy, and shopped at the luxury retailers, having a personal shopper was out of your reach. Now there’s a way for the Fashionistas to bridge the gap for those that need your deal-finding, outfit-matching skills, and for you to make money while doing it. This is just one of the reasons I enjoy being part of a big business. Sears launched this amazing concept with it’s social commerce portal, ShopYourWay.com, recently. Here’s an organization that’s looking to support those who love fashion and want a way to make an extra income.


It’s no secret that I work at Sears Holdings as the Division Vice President, Social Media Marketing. This blog and my role there are not connected. What is connected is my passion for finding ways to build personal brands, connecting your passion to a career, and making both of those easy.

Check out Shop Your Way and if your part-time passion is shopping or you’re the one in the group that everyone asks for advice on deals and outfits, become a  Personal Shopper and make a brand for yourself – and a little extra dough too!