Personal branding is now on the world stage. Initially a ‘western’ concept, it is fair to say that the need to brand oneself is a global phenomenon. Even in cultures where standing out is not the norm, we can see people embracing the value of identifying one’s uniqueness and proactively communicating this promise of value to the world.

In my own work as a personal branding consultant in Japan I have connected with personal branding experts in more than 25 countries. Personally I have learned so much from these folks and how they are pioneering personal branding movements within their cultures. The value each of them brings to the personal branding field is remarkable, however, I have realized that most of them, me included, tend to be very isolated. We all seem to work within the ‘vacuum’ of our respective cultures. Yet there is a huge need to highlight our work and the global reach of personal branding.

Hence, the motivation for a Personal Branding Across Cultures blogathon! For 14 days I am hosting a ‘Personal Branding Across Cultures’ series on my blog.  From June  9 to June 22 enjoy the insights from these leaders about personal branding in their countries. Here is a preview of whom to expect with the title of their posts. Visit from June 9th.

  1. Hank Chin / Taiwan: “3 Powerful Elements for Personal Branding in Taiwan”
  2. Runa Magnusdottir / Iceland: “The Icelandic Personal Branding Attribute… Cool or Calm?”
  3. Emery Kaze / Luxembourg: “Personal Branding in Luxembourg – At The Intersection of Cultures”
  4. Paul Copcutt / Canada: “In Canada is it Really all About the Personal Brand, eh?”
  5. Richard Anderson / Australia: “In Australia it’s Authentic Branding”
  6. Dr. Amit Nagpal / India: “Indians Embrace Personal Branding, but Don’t Hug it Tightly Yet!”
  7. Marcela Reyes / Colombia: “The Colombian Brand, Not What You Think”
  8. Paolo Feroleto / The United Kingdom: “Personal Branding Slowly Finding it’s Rightful place in The UK.”
  9. Donn Pjongluck / Thailand: “Personal Branding Perception and Adoption in Thailand”
  10. Malak Oussidhoum / Morocco: “Personal Branding in Morocco: “I love it! But can I?”
  11. Petek Kabakci / Turkey: “Perception of Personal Branding in Turkey – at the Crossing of Three Continents”
  12. Nelson Emilio / Portugal: “Personal Branding and the New Portuguese Discoveries”
  13. Sital Ruparelia / Singapore: “Okay La! 5 Personal Branding Lessons From Singapore”
  14. Damien Colmant / France & Belgium: “The Challenges for Personal Branding in France and Belgium”


Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer” and is one of only 15 Master level Certified Personal Branding Strategists in the world. He is introducing a leading global personal branding methodology to companies and careerists in Japan and adapting it for the Japanese culture. In a culture where fitting-in is the norm, his mission is to pioneer a ‘cultural shift’ by helping Japanese to stand out in a global environment. His background spans over 21 years in intercultural consulting, international outreach, and global communication coaching.