Twitter Chat photo from ShutterstockThis week we hit a milestone in a twitter chat that I started five years ago.  In fact, our #brandchat birthday is this Wednesday, February 19th. In five years, we’ve met many BRANDidos (a term of endearment for all those who chat and share their insights and resources). Some have stayed, others have left and many have taken ownership in shaping and growing the community, feel and focus on the chat.

If you look at why people have stayed and taken ownership of the chat, take a moment to reflect on your own brand or the brand of your small business.

Exhibit, or even more so embrace, the following practices to create a community of advocates around your brand:

1. Meaningful conversations

This doesn’t mean it’s a “tell all” bare your soul type of conversation.  It does mean that you must be honest, authentic and appreciative of everyone involved.

2. Be present

Our chat is just one hour. The benefit of that is during that hour we are present – fully listening, conversing with and sharing our time, talent and resources with fellow participants.

3. Open your mind and be willing to change your beliefs

When you’re truly listening to someone and treating their opinion and beliefs as valuable, then you are open to altering your own opinions and beliefs after learning more about theirs, how they substantiate it or why they believe what they do. It’s important to note that I didn’t say anything about changing your values. Your values are at the core of who you are. Your beliefs can change while your values stay firm.

4. Consider that the way you’re valued and appreciated might not look like what appreciation should look like to you

Recognize that what motivates you might not motivate others. [tweet this]

The people you work with need to be shown appreciation in a manner that means something to them and encourages them.

5. Value those who are there

Honor those who participate. It can be just one person. Focus on them instead of focusing and discussing those who aren’t there.

6. Know why you’re doing what you do

Strategy and how tactics connect with your overall goal is important to keep at the forefront of every interaction.

What else would you add to the list?

I hope you’ll join us this week and jump into the chat to say Happy Birthday and to introduce yourself. You’re always welcome!

What we covered this week to help you in managing your personal brand:

To help you with some valuable tweets to share with your connections: