Change Vocabulary to Build Relations and Increase Sales

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Business Vocabulary photo from ShutterstockUpon beginning in business, we are told, “You have to follow this system, or you will not be successful.” The larger picture certainly needs to be understood in order to successfully move forward from your starting point. But, it is when we are able to craft that process into almost an art form that recognition and reward come our way.

Your mindset affects how you approach business, and it is your choice of words that reflect this. Your words are your marketing tools that will negate or build sales. Once you recognize how you are uniquely able to help others, it becomes easier to express as your dialogue continues to also get into the mindset of those you wish to help.

Let’s examine some of the traditional words used in business based upon following the same process as everyone else versus changing vocabulary to produce a new and improved outcome:

Exchange “prospects” for “potential friends”

This term is used to describe those to whom you wish to sell. The term and idea of it become so ingrained in the minds of salespeople that when they do meet prospective clients, their demeanor does not change. What I’m referring to is the lack of a willingness to understand their prospect, why they were invited in for an appointment, and apparent lack of caring for what is being shared. Their entire focus is on the person from whom they are about to make money. The prospect can see dollar signs floating out of the salesperson’s eyes causing trust to dwindle along with sales.

Now, suppose you are mentally prepared to meet your new potential friend. Do you believe you will be more inclined to listen to what that person has to say by having an interactive conversation? The friendly interaction serves to build your integrity and the relationship between you. Trust builds and so do sales.

Exchange “pitch” for “discover”

Many businesspeople say they are about to pitch a client. This implies telling all the benefits of one’s products and services. It sounds hard-core and does not imply a care in the world about improving the status of their prospective friend’s business.

By discovering all that your potential friend hopes to resolve from the past and achieve in the future, you will come to a far greater understanding of what the needs, wants and deep down desires are and how to best address these.

Exchange “scripts” for conversation

To be clear, no two people have the same genetic makeup. Should you agree, you will admit no two people think exactly alike. Scripts are not nearly as successful as is being yourself with your own vocabulary and delivering honest thought behind what you say.

Exchange “everyone” and “competition” for the unique you

Why would you follow the same as everyone else yet worry about competition? Coming to terms with differentiating yourself from the pack brings recognition, there is no competition. People buy you. Your personal brand becomes your unique art form for delivering services.

Embracing these word exchanges will serve to build trust, client relationships, and encourage larger sales and referrals that define the Smooth Sale!