Plan B Including a Facelift Produces Improved Business

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Two particular types of personalities exist when it comes to solving problems that are 180 degrees apart. The first examines all angles of a topic to be as close to 100% certain the “something” will work correctly the first time around. The second type of personality learns by trial and error requiring risk and flexibility.  Their motivation is to begin implementing immediately.

On occasion, both types find not everything works out as expected 100% of the time. The more successful people almost always have a Plan B in place for the “just in case it’s needed” predicament.

Prospects and Clients

The average salesperson does an average amount of work including their approach of prospects to become clients. Instead, put your whole self into the game by committing to do 15% more than the average. Worst case, you will meet expectations.  The best case is your results will stand a far greater chance of being stellar.

Overwhelm: Get Help Free or Fee

The free of charge type of learning includes asking questions of others, observation for what works best, belonging to a group, reading fresh content online, and on occasion, taking free webinars designed to help educate.

Personalized coaching is one of the most effective ways to quickly advance from where you are today.  Alternating between male and female coaches will have you better positioned to sell to the entire population.

Should you be in a high performance capacity, consider treating yourself to a Retreat with like-minded others to relax your mind, body and spirit. By seeking answers to problems from within, and getting help from the outside, you stand a far better chance for getting to where you wish to be headed.

Business facelift to rejuvenate the New Year

Frequently, we do not give ourselves enough credit. Stand back to examine your current results in all areas of your business to decide whether minor or a major overhaul of your business should be made.

Monitor Acitivity

Numerous sites exist for you to monitor your results across platforms such as Alexa, Klout, Kred, HootSuite, and the latest, SumAll.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your results going up or down?
  • What do you believe is missing or aiding your results?
  • Which strategy should you leverage to further increase results?


Once past the hurdle of trusting others, seek out similarly minded professionals who are willing to share perspectives in order to gain prominence, a larger reach, and ultimately build a more robust business.


Which type of community would benefit from your knowledge? Use 10% of your valuable time to help others grow in their endeavors. This is among the best strategies to build your brand while being of great service to those in need.  The reward comes knowing you were able to help others.

A component of helping communities is to freely share your knowledge across platforms. Of all you have done in the past year, which topics generated the most interest? Further elaborate on these by producing blogs, articles, postings and tweets on these subjects. Your reward here will be attracting larger audiences and receiving “shares” in greater numbers.

Upon improving your business appearance, do step back to admire all you have accomplished.  This is where you find the inner joy and reward that will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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