Has your recruiting for your personal brand gotten stale, and is in need of a better strategy? There is one place that you might not think of to look, and that is Google+. This is one social platform that contains loads of potential candidates.

While LinkedIn remains a great resource to find recruits, Google+ has more active users. With this social network it is easy to locate potential employees in your brand niche who are highly qualified. Best of all, it is free and simple to use.

There are additional online tools for recruiters such as About.me, Facebook, and Twitter. While these are important to tap into, adding Google+ to build recruiting for your personal brand will make your strategy even more effective.

How to find new recruits on Google+

In order to connect with the best candidates, you need to know how to find the most qualified people for your brand. Here are several ways to leverage this powerful social network:

Create a personal and company profile – The first step to reaching out on Google+ is to have an active personal profile for your brand in addition to a Company Page. Engage in groups and discussions, and follow others in your niche from each one.

Have a Circle for each area of interest – Once you have established your personal brand on Google+, the next step is to add potential candidates and other influencers in your niche to Circles, creating categories according to where they fit. You can create as many Circles as you would like, but the key is to remain focused and relevant to attract the right people.

Actively participate in groups and posts – This is an important step in attracting the right recruits for your brand. Makes comments, share posts, and engage others in conversation. Your brand will also benefit from attracting new followers to your profile and Company Page.

Finding the best candidates for your personal brand can take time, but with the use of social networks like Google+ you are opening new doors of opportunity in a shorter time frame. Stay focused on who you should connect with, and be active at least two times a day during a week. A great place to watch is the “What’s Hot” section for the latest trends and posts, and can help bring ideas on the type of content to share.