We often hear “the same old doesn’t work”, but the fact is, it depends upon what you are referring. 
Qualifying the situation will make an enormous difference. It’s true that if something doesn’t work well, then inevitably that something needs to be changed. In this case the “same old” doesn’t work. But what if what you are doing proves to be an excellent path – would you change it or continue doing the same old?

This is where the word “habit” was developed. We each have at least one. And given our unique personalities, our habits are ours; some work better than others. Take time this coming weekend to contemplate which of your habits are producing the better results. Do you consistently do something for business to attract your clientele? For example, writing a daily blog every Monday-Friday becomes habit forming and attracts much interest.

What is your habit? Acknowledge it. Is it working well for you? If so, how may you expand upon it? Polishing our habits that work well will serve to radiate your personal brand and attract an increased clientele.

While you work to expand services, maintain your polished brand by making a habit of implementing correctly the first time around. Companies and individuals rush to deliver to avoid added cost and possible penalties. But sometimes those added costs are well worth the extra time to do it right the first time around.

For example, there are serious concerns about the newly installed portion of the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and the East Bay that may well have a broader and serious affect down the road. Then there was news of a meat processing plant that had to recall their shipment for the entire year. The current and potential affects on everyone involved are enormous.

These are examples of very large organizations, and perhaps you wonder why they are being used. As an entrepreneur, about to meet with a client, the same principles hold true. For example, you are anxious to have a good meeting but are running out of time to do everything you know, deep down, should be done ahead of schedule. Some entrepreneurs tell themselves, “It’s just a first meeting, so it doesn’t really matter.”

The research ahead of time to understand the company, and potentially where your talent will come in handy, is essential to make a great first impression. It will make a difference. Your short engaging stories of how you helped others are fresh in your mind, referrals are available when needed, and you have the tools required all set to go for your meeting. When the meeting is important enough, everything else should be set aside to focus on your best for question, answer and delivery.

Making a habit of reviewing all information and checking off your “must bring to the meeting” list the night before, will have you well prepared and well received for an engaging conversation. The process adds one more layer of shine to your brand.

Be of the mindset to keep polishing habits to find success and the Smooth Sale!