Reviewing RezScore for the Jobseeker

Personal Branding

In these tough economic times, jobseekers need to do everything they can to remain competitive in the market. In addition to making sure you have the skills and abilities for the job you’re applying to, one essential thing you need is a resume that makes you stand out among the crowd of jobseekers out there. The competition is fierce, and if your resume isn’t great, it’s just going to be ignored, rotting away in a dusty file cabinet somewhere, or worse, chucked straight out into the garbage can.

So how do you ensure that your resume gets the attention it needs for you to be considered for the job you want? Though you would love to get the services of a professional resume writer, you may not be able to afford one right now.
So what do you do?

You’ll be happy to know that there is a site that offers its services in analyzing your resume and giving it a grade. It’s called RezScore, and it’s becoming very popular among jobseekers who want to know if they made the grade, so to speak.

You just have to upload your resume into the site, and RezScore will immediately give you a grade based on their analysis of your resume. They use a complicated mathematical algorithm that basically compares your resume to their collection of “A” resumes, as well as some analysis of other factors such as the average word and sentence length you use, the sentence to experience ration, the overall length of the resume, the language and sentence structure you use, and the grade level of your writing.

The grading is actually free, and it comes with a couple of tips to help you improve your resume. For a reasonable fee, you can also avail of the RezScore Makeover of your resume, where they will do an in-depth analysis of your resume, fix and improve your grammar and word choices, edit your formatting and presentation, and even help you craft your headline so it’s better and more attention-grabbing.

This is a very useful tool for jobseekers. After all, if you’ve found yourself passing out resumes left and right, but still haven’t been called for a single interview, there’s obviously a problem with your resume. Now, you can write and re-write your resume yourself, but isn’t it better to have an expert look it over and see what’s wrong with it? RezScore offers you this opportunity. Even if you just avail the free service, at least it gives you a starting point on improving your resume, right?

Nowadays, jobseekers really need all the help they can get to be noticed and called for an interview. And this is why tools such as what RezScore offers are truly gaining in popularity, as they really offer value to its consumers.

Having an expert eye look over your resume is definitely what you need to perfect it and get the attention you deserve. Jobseekers will find RezScore a valuable tool in helping them land the job they seek.