Freedom photo from ShutterstockThe idea was brilliant! The decision makers in San Francisco agreed to transform the famed Alcatraz prison into a space for promoting local artistic talent. No doubt, with the success of the first show, many more events will be held at that location. Whereas the prison was once a dreaded place to be, Alcatraz now attracts many tourists. It has become a unique adventure to board the ferry, and cross the water, in order to get to the island, and see the prison that holds an incredible history.

Are you feeling as if your endeavor is holding you prisoner?  What can you do to revitalize the feeling you are currently experiencing?  Which wishes are yours that just never seem to happen but somehow they are still firm in your mind?

Set Yourself Free

Review everything you have done up until now. Which elements of your work do you most enjoy, and have had the best reception by others?  Are you able to turn the experiences into new products and/or services?  Do you need partners to help you move forward, and do you have someone in mind that might be the right fit?

Reflection on the past usually sparks ideas of where you should be headed. Should you not feel satisfied with your current situation, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, with trying something new. That something new may not work exactly as you thought the first time out, but with willingness to tweak and improve, you will get to where it should be.

As others see you taking action on moving business development up a notch, they will be impressed by your dedication and take a keen interest to follow your progress.

Three steps are required for successful change:

Recognizing the change to be made

Call higher ups who hold greater influence.  The conversation becomes a mini brainstorming session with ideas forming and coming into being.  Then alone time should be spent deciphering which would be the best route. This includes noting required steps, investments, and, listing the perceived outcomes plus your fondest wish list.

Implementing the needed change(s)

Once the best idea is refined, a leap of faith is necessary due to the unknown factors. A lot of hard work including some trial and error will be necessary to find the better direction.

As all of this begins to take place, you will recognize momentum building due to your excitement in communicating the transformation to audiences.  An underlying note to this is that the more you let others know about your endeavor, to be revealed publicly in the future, you become more confident about the reality of it happening.

Your confidence builds, which increases further interest in your work.  This is a key mindset shift for business development and audience attraction.  And, this is the point where your personal brand recognition builds as well.

Tracking results

As your new idea develops into reality, keen interest will be shown by connections and sales to follow. It will be important to track where the most success is found and the “why” behind it.  This is where further new ideas are to be found.

The described focused activity will lead you to the Smooth Sale!