Sales and Marketing Strategy for a Flourishing Business Model

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Business Model photo from ShutterstockHave you ever been to a gathering where you were glad you met all those with whom you had a conversation?   

Both sales and marketing strategies come into play to make this happen. The following holds true for growing just about any type of business or planning for an event that you are in the beginning sages of hosting.

1.  Know your desired outcome

What are you trying to achieve? What is it you wish to succinctly convey to others so they instantly get your vision and feel a strong desire to help?

Unless you were to pay for a huge advertising campaign, developing a strong social media presence will enable you to reach more like-minded people than would otherwise be possible. The help may come in many forms. Friends may offer to be an assistant at the event itself, or spread the word on your behalf to everyone with whom they are connected.
Defining your ultimate vision and vividly describing it will encourage offers of help on many levels.

2.  Craft your messages well

Confer with your peers to create the right message targeting your desired clientele. Adapt the first message to many styles for multiple in-person and online platforms.

As you develop these, keep in mind the “why” your intended audience will care and wish to participate. And why will they automatically tell their friends, peers and followings about the event? Speak to the WIFM philosophy, known as, “What’s in it for me?”

Include in your messaging what participants may expect in terms of learning, taking their own business to the next level, and connections to be made. In your longer messaging, outline the agenda, the subject matter of the speakers, and types of people and businesses who will be and should be attending.

Also include in these longer messages, the benefits attendees will experience by participating. Advise if there is a collective outcome that all will experience by collaboratively giving to a greater good.

3. Qualify, Analyze, Track

Qualifying applies to many areas of growing your business such as attracting the right clientele, selecting the most apropos venues out of all the ones possible, and making certain that those who do participate in some fashion are in alignment with the outcome you envision.

Consistency in qualifying all you do also applies to your selection of the vendors to be at your event. Instead of putting the need for extra money to meet expenses above your choice of vendors, put the selection of vendor first. Priorities reflect much about your personal brand. Every aspect associated with the event should be consistent your branding effort.

Tracking and analyzing what did and did not work well, after the event, is essential for improving future endeavors. Have a team of friends and peers in place to review all details to make the next plan even stronger.

Applying these strategies will strengthen relationships with your prospective clientele. Momentum builds as your original clientele converts into your salesforce spreading good word of mouth to everyone they know. This is the start of the Smooth Sale!