I recently spoke at Boston University’s 2010 PRSSA Regional Activity, PR Advanced: Brand Yourself. My presentation was titled, “8 Ways to Create & Maintain Your Personal Brand.” A lot of what I discussed I’ve written about on the Personal Branding Blog in some fashion or another. (I even encouraged everyone to subscribe!)

When I reached step 8 (create a plan), I talked about setting goals. I’m a huge believer in planning overall and setting goals in particular. You can’t achieve something you don’t set out to do, right?

Check back on your goals often

I almost stopped in my tracks, thinking about the goals I set for myself this year. A quarter of the year has gone by. Was I any closer to reaching them? What needs to be done in order to achieve what I set out to do?

Adjust your goals and timeline as needed

Goals are certainly not set in stone. You should be flexible enough to change the goal itself and/or the timeline attached to it as circumstances change. For example, my first three goals are pretty much going as planned, but I haven’t touched No. 4. Perhaps it’s time to rethink whether or not it should be a priority at all this year!

Include at least one “stretch” goal

For the most part, the goals you set for creating or advancing your personal brand should be achievable. There should be a known path for getting from Point A to Point B. However, challenge yourself, and throw at least one “stretch” goal in there! These are goals you’re really going to have to push yourself to the limit to achieve.

Make sure your goals are concrete

I tried to be specific when setting my goals, even including numbers (i.e., 12 speaking engagements) when possible. The more concrete your goals are, the easier they will be for you to accomplish.

Celebrate the small successes

Achieving your goals often isn’t easy, whether they involve your personal brand or something else entirely. So, remember to celebrate even the smallest successes!