She Takes On The World by Natalie MacNeil: Brilliant

Personal Branding

A thin book with a pretty woman on the cover surrounded by clouds, “She Takes on the World” by Natalie MacNeil had me wondering what I was in store for as I opened the first page. What an unexpected pleasant surprise this book turned out to be!

Packed with useful tips

Busy between 5a.m. – 9p.m. on weekdays with work, and cramming wedding planning into my weekends, I have relatively little time for pleasure reading. That said, this book was a refreshingly easy and powerful book packed with useful tips for today’s savvy businesswoman. I soaked up MacNeil’s fresh advice, fun tips and free-spirited style of writing.

Big picture planning

Some of the best advice is logical and yet we need to be reminded of it. MacNeil gives this nugget of gold in Chapter 5, The Bigger Picture. “Anything big you’re going to accomplish is not going to be accomplished overnight, next week or next month.”  Knowing this and staying motivated, with momentum, are different. “She Take On The World” includes a recipe for success for your big picture plan – that has all the ingredients you need to succeed.

Building on a budget

In today’s tight economy, it is essential to know how to build a company, and a team, on a budget. She Takes On The World not only touches on this, but it reaches fully into providing you with the tools on how, when, and where to go to build a solid team – within your budget. If you’re thinking, “I can’t afford a team” you need this book even more. You might be heading for a work/life balance breakdown!

The mini-guide

Just when you start thinking this thin little book is nearing it’s end, up pops the mini-guide. This section summary is my favorite part of the book (okay, I like bottom-lines and bullets). It’s packed full of savvy business advice, resource websites, how to market yourself, being a social media savvy business woman and what to do when you just don’t know where or when to do something. She Takes On The World’s Mini-Guide is like pie a la mode; it’s good alone but a la mode, it’s amazing!