Increase Sales photo from ShutterstockSelling services can be the most frustrating occupation ever conceived if you aren’t making sales. In fact, it can make one feel quite inadequate. Instead of letting emotion take control, use analytical review to turn the situation around. Simple corrective actions may make a huge difference. Here is a quick example:

1. Become familiar with your prospect’s perspective first.

Wally faces this very dilemma as he beats himself up for the inability to sell a seemingly much needed product. The problem is, he is selling a service that most average income workers in the United States subscribe to, and it’s a given among the wealthy. However, Wally lives in a less affluent country, and is targeting a very poor population that gets paid once per year. This population would be fortunate just to put food on the table for their families let alone properly clothe and educate them.

Therefore what Wally is selling is perceived as a luxury that this targeted segment cannot afford. Wally needs to re-think his primary audience.

In order to sell anything, there has to be a strong need, a want and deep down desire for the product or service. The added strategy that top sales professionals use is to first begin each conversation from the prospective client’s point of view. This is the only way you will truly be able to get to the heart of the matter as it opens the conversation for a heart-to-heart conversation.

2. Know the answer to why your audience wants what you offer.

As an entrepreneur you have the benefit of choosing your preferred clientele versus being assigned a target market or territory. It gives you the power to qualify your clientele as to where you are more likely to find success. Should you be having a difficult time “persuading” clients to purchase your service, there is something amiss. Persuasion should be at a bare minimum, as the right audience will volunteer they desire your offering.

3. Research and redefine your niche audience.

Unless you wish to spend fruitless hours continuing like Wally, it is best to seek advice from your peers and brainstorm ideas for an improved niche audience. Research other companies selling similar services to see testimonials from their clientele. This may shed some light on another type of client segment more appropriate to pursue. Research related types of industries to gain further ideas.

4. Create your prototype.

Leverage is a key word that applies to most everything you do in business. It’s similar to creating a prototype of a product in order to adapt it to different platforms or products. Leveraging saves time and reaches additional client segments.

5. Ask for feedback from your clientele.

The quickest way to improve business is to ask for input from those who have experienced your services. Ask about the current service in terms of what might be lacking or added, and invite complementary ideas. Should reasonable recommendations be made, promptly act upon them. And be certain to thank everyone trying to help you.

These five strategies will build an admirable personal brand and lead you to the Smooth Sale!