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    Does Memorizing Answers Help You Nail the Job Interview?

    Research demonstrates that when people review a list of potential responses before an interview, they are far less likely to get tongue-tied.

    Does it help to memorize answers for job interviews? To this day, there’s a lot of debate about this among experts.

    Some say it’s best to be spontaneous and let your natural personality shine through. Others believe that knowing the right thing to say for any possible question makes you appear more confident.

    It turns …

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    How to Dress for a Post-Pandemic Job Interview

    The pandemic is changing the parameters of how to dress for a job interview. New fashions and old traditions can make job hunting a puzzle. The pandemic is changing the parameters of how to dress for a job interview. New fashions and old traditions can make job hunting a puzzle. Should you still “dress for success?”

    Despite what has been reported in the news media, it’s not always that easy to get a new job. There are many help wanted …

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    How to Get That Personal Chemistry for Interviews

    It’s probably happened to you a hundred times: you go to a major store, hoping to find that specific item you’re after, and you have to walk away disappointed. Either the item was not available or, most likely, you were looking for something uncommon or unusual that the store didn’t have. Such a scenario often …

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    10 Interview Tips for Tech Companies

    Before Applying for a Job, Audit Your Online Presence and Social Media Accounts

    Interviewing with a tech company such as Facebook, Hulu, Microsoft, Spotify, or Google is somewhat different from interviewing at companies in other industries, but the basics are the same.

    What is similar but with a little twist?

    Are you passionate about the company? Are you familiar with its products, and do you use them? Do…
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    Improve Your Job Interview — Five Tips

    Interview Best Practices

    I remember going for job interviews and how scared I was. Isn’t everybody? But it can be minimized significantly once you get yourself prepared. Here are a few tips.

    Learn about the company

    By spending time to learn about the company, you’ll gain self-confidence. Spending a few minutes on the company’s Web site is just …

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    Can You Describe Your Supervisor’s Personality?


    I know from personal experience that when I reported to a boss I was aligned with ideologically and who trusted me, I performed very well and kept getting promoted and promoted. But there were other bosses with whom those alignments just were not there, and after a while we separated—at times voluntarily and at other …

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    Why You Were Not Called Back After the Interview

    Cover Eyes

    I am a career coach specializing in the interview process. Recently, I was approached by a company for help in improving its interviewing practices. Toward that end, I prepared the necessary instructional material. But because it’s a first for me, I thought that—before I go live with it, and to see how it would go—it …

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    So, How Did Your Interview Go?

    In several of my previous blogs, I alluded to the known fact of the huge disconnect between a candidate and an interviewer(s). The candidate has been preparing for this major event for a while—and with fervor—and anticipates that the event will result in a job offer. This is the interview that could change the candidate’s …

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    How to Prepare for a Job Interview


    A job interview is the final step before getting the job. It’s the most critical step because if the candidate does not convince the decision maker of being the ideal candidate, the job goes to someone else. Preparing for the interview is not to be taken lightly. To win this tough competition, one needs to …

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    “You Don’t Get If You Don’t Ask, So Keep Asking!

    “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.”—Benjamin Franklin

    Many of us wish we could be more effective in getting what we want in life.  We fear that we may be rejected and are afraid to ask for help even when we know someone who could help us.  We lack any …

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