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    4th Quarter Job Search Success Tips

    Fall brings crisp leaves, apple cider, kids in costumes, families around holiday tables and a drop in job search. For some reason all these things are great except that last one. Why is it that job seekers, both employed and unemployed, relax their search efforts during the 4th Quarter?

    Regardless of the reason why, here …

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    New Age Social Media Reference Checks

    Have you ever Googled yourself as part of your job search strategy? According to the Society for Human Resources Management, there’s nearly 100 percent chance your credentials, resume, and application will be reviewed for inaccuracies. You may want to take a minute to find out just what comes up on what Larry Page and Sergey …

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    67% of Employers Plan to Increase Hiring Soon

    It’s about time that job seekers, and economists alike, heard some good news about hiring particularly in light of this month’s unemployment figures with an unemployment rate of 9.2% and a mere 18K new jobs, 92K less than expected.

    According to Jobvite, the leading recruiting platform for the social web, 67% of companies will increase …

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    Why Single Women Make More Money

    Everywhere you go these days there’s some technology buzzing with news of this or that. Last night I hopped in a cab hoping for a few minutes of blackberry free relaxation after a week that was so stressful I literally fell asleep waiting for my nails to dry at the salon. Instead I was captured …

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    Job Search Etiquette: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

    With 84% of employed professionals active seeking a different career opportunity and nearly 14 Million Americans unemployed, there is an abundance of job seekers in today’s market.  In a market more competitive than The Great Depression, savvy job seekers need to have their manners as polished as their shoes.

    Polish your impression

    To help polish …

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    4 Ways To Successfully Negotiate A Job Offer

    It’s taken months and months just to land an interview and now the call you’ve been waiting for has finally happened, they offered you the job. Just when you thought the process was over, the hard part begins. Do you take the offer or negotiate? According to The EDGE Report, 61% of today’s employers are …

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    What It Takes To Ace Today’s Popular Video Interviews

    What’s free, has 663 Million users, has an app for every smart phone from the iPhone to Droid and Blackberry and can be used on either a Mac or PC?

    If you said skype you’re in tune with the video technology, launched in 2003, that has become a popular choice for many of today’s hiring …

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    Creative Cover Letters: Personality, Pitch And Professionalism

    What’s the difference between a creative cover letter and a creative cover letter that works? Kryptonite, you know the stuff; Superman’s glowing green crystals that weakened him.

    Kryptonite cover letters

    One candidate chose to get uber creative and sent his resume inside a tube wrapped with a paper that showed the Superman logo. While his …

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    5 Personal Branding Tips To Boost Your Job Search

    Do you know that what you have, or don’t have, in your pocket can affect the outcome of your job search?

    Experience. Education. Skills. We all know that these factors matter when you’re on the hunt for a new job, but how can the contents of your pocket make a difference? These 5 Personal Branding …

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    To Hell With Dell: Inside Apple’s Sexy, Booming Brand

    A few months ago I noticed something change in my relationship. We’d been together for nearly three years and then slowly there were new feelings developing. I did my best to stay true and loyal but, I have to admit, the other one had such sex appeal. I got more and more excited every time …

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