5 Personal Branding Tips To Boost Your Job Search

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Do you know that what you have, or don’t have, in your pocket can affect the outcome of your job search?

Experience. Education. Skills. We all know that these factors matter when you’re on the hunt for a new job, but how can the contents of your pocket make a difference? These 5 Personal Branding will tell you just that, and more.

1. It’s All In Your Head
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is based upon the law of attraction; thoughts become things. While I won’t say that you can sit at home all day thinking about a new job and it will simply manifest itself, I will say that thinking positive works. Taking it a step further to look positive on the outside is important as well.
According to Harvard and Wesleyan economists, attractive people get hired and promoted more readily and earn more money because they’re seen as more self-confident.

2. Practice Makes Perfect
Ask any pro sports athlete and they’ll tell you that practice is essential to winning the game. If you want to win the job search game, practice your personal branding pitch. Step 1: Create the pitch. Step 2: Practice the pitch. Step 3: Deliver an authentic, natural pitch.
Delivering a practiced pitch without your personality and authentic, individual stories is like showing up on the beach in August with a spray tan. You can do it but why would you?

3. Pocket Power
“Let’s connect next week. Do you have a card?” Job seeker home run! Fireworks are going off in your head until you realize you don’t have business cards. What do you do now? Play it cool? Ask for their card? Sure, you can do that. Or, you can be a powerfully branded professional and hand them a personal branded business card, land an appointment for next week and enjoy the firework display going on in your head. Check out www.vistaprint.com for easy-to-make cards.

4. What Not To Wear
Tank tops to T-shirts, vintage suits to 1984 not-so-vintage dated duds. No. 4 could be an entire book. Outdated duds may cause an employer to think your skills are as outdated as your suit. Two days ago I was at a café when I realized the table next to me was conducting an interview. 
The interviewer was in a lovely Chanel-inspired blazer, black dress pants, pearls and designer heels. Across from her sat a smart gal in a dark, fitted T-shirt, untied scarf, long skirt and boots. Out dressed and out smarted by the hiring manager.
Outdated to out dressed, the choice of attire for an interview, networking session or even a short trip to Starbucks for your morning coffee is part of your personal brand.

5. Shake It Up
Fins. That’s what Nemo has; not a firm handshake but fins. Have you ever shaken hands with someone and it felt more like a fish than a handshake? The ideal handshake is a medium-firm one that lasts a few seconds. Your handshake conveys confidence, a key element during your job search.

As a job seeker you are your own brand. You’re more important than any global brand, be it Starbucks, United, Hyatt or Google. Imagine one of those companies launching without a strategy? Integrate these five branding tips into your job search strategy and watch your success elevate.