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    What Keeps Your Good People


    Companies have long recognized the importance of smart employee recruiting. Now they are discovering that it’s just as important to spend their time on retention. This may involve financial factors, of course. AON Consulting studied 1,140 high-tech workers and found that 56 percent would stay at their current job longer if offered a similar job …

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    Rest is a Weapon

    This is a line (in)famously stated to the fictional Jason Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy by one of his handlers. He takes this to heart and uses it as a mantra to himself several times throughout the series of Bourne’s exploits. Of course, Jason Bourne is a fictional character in a series of books by …

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    All Work, No Play = No Work, No Play

    There were times when I was running my company where I spent so much time working that I forgot about living. That’s not something that I’m proud of, but it’s something that happened. I was building a company, a brand, and I was unstoppable, literally. So unstoppable in fact, that I didn’t stop for evenings, …

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