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    How to Use LinkedIn Research Methods For Your Personal Brand’s Growth


    In order to get more exposure for your personal brand it’s important to know exactly what your target audience is seeking after. With the right research strategies in place your business can attract more leads for your products or services.LinkedIn is a premier networking resource as well as a warm lead generator. This large social …

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    How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

    Post Its Adults Brainstorming

    In order to establish a credible personal brand that people trust you need great content that speaks directly to them. Without this you will not be successful in your lead generation and conversion rates.

    How can your brand better connect with your community in an authentic way? A compelling brand story will make them want …

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    Improve Your Job Interview — Five Tips

    Interview Best Practices

    I remember going for job interviews and how scared I was. Isn’t everybody? But it can be minimized significantly once you get yourself prepared. Here are a few tips.

    Learn about the company

    By spending time to learn about the company, you’ll gain self-confidence. Spending a few minutes on the company’s Web site is just …

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    Communication While in Transition

    Disclaimer: My professional background is not in the field of communication, but I still have some opinions.

    Certainly, the cliché “It’s not what you know but whom you know” is often true. However, when people are in transition, I would add “but while in transition, who knows you is more important” because you are the …

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    Make Business Personal

    People like to say business isn’t personal but it is personal. All of life is people personally interacting with other people. Work is people interacting with people but with money and title attached to it. Personal doesn’t mean inappropriately intimate; you needn’t border on sexting.

    If you connect on a human level you more quickly …

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