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Six Tactics to Increase the ROI of Attending Conferences

Whether you’re a business professional or entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from attending a conference. Trade shows, annual conventions and industry meetings are a great way to attract clients and network for future job opportunities.

Do you want to get the very best ROI possible when attending industry events?

Six Tips for Getting…
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For Personal Brands, It’s Self above Service

Service listings that is.

Personal branding strategy to increase word of mouth

Let me tell you the tale of the financial planner…..

Hi, I’m Maria Elena and I’m a financial planner.  I provide 401Ks, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, SEPS, IRAs, I can help you with college planning and take care of all your financial needs.  …

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Conference Strategy Leads to Strong Business Results

The Dreamforce Conference has grown exponentially in size compared to its humble beginnings. Frequently, when business faces enormous growth spurts, the fast pace sometimes throws the company off of its game, but not this time. This, too, became a rousing success.

What was difference and what can entrepreneurs learn from the lesson?

While insider details …