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    When Should You Begin to Write Your Book?

    One of my most frequently questions about writing a brand-building book is: “What’s the best time for me to begin to write my book?”

    The major options include:

    I’m going to start now, and get it written as soon as possible. I’m going to wait until I have signed a publishing contract. I’m going to…
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    Should You Pay to Get Your Personal Branding Book Published?

    It may seem strange to talk about paying to get your personal branding book published, while the media often talks about celebrities receiving 6-figure advances. What’s going on?

    Celebrities, of course, is the key word in the above.

    Politicians, their wives, their ex-wives, ex-CEO’s, and television personalities often get big buck advances. But, this only …

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    6 Questions Your Book Proposal Must Answer

    The first step in writing a book to build your personal brand–after researching the topic, of course–is to prepare a book proposal that will convince literary agents and publishers of the commercial feasibility of your book.

    Proposal as sales tool

    To succeed, you have to view your book proposal as an advertisement, or direct-marketing sales  …

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    How Many Pages are Needed for a Brand Building Book?

    Are you overestimating the number of pages needed to write a book that successfully builds your personal brand? Many business owners and career-oriented employees who want to write a brand-building book think “too big,” “too comprehensive, and “too many pages.”

    Too many brand-oriented individuals think in terms of their college textbooks, comprehensive compilations of every …

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    Are You Ready to Contact Literary Agents with Your Idea for Writing a Nonfiction Book to Build Your Brand and Promote Your Business?

    Getting a literary agent to represent you is an essential step toward getting profitably published. Literary agents are necessary to help you get around the “gatekeepers” at most publishers; most publishers won’t even look at unsolicited manuscripts.

    A good agent will save you time by knowing which acquisitions editors and publishers are most likely to …

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