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Video Interviewing for the Unemployed

Today’s fast-developing video technology does not skip over the unemployed. In fact, it just adds another challenge for them. More and more companies are trying to save on the expenses of recruiting by using video interviews for screening and selection purposes. Clearly, this represents another burden for candidates because it’s one more step to master …

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Hard Close Loses to Selling Ethically

Negotiating the fine line of exuberance for the service you are selling, versus becoming too aggressive in the sales process, is critical for establishing a sound sales foundation and future business. Knowing your boundaries and communicating them well is essential before getting started in all transactions.

For example, an executive was recently heard advising his …

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3 Ways Guest Blogging Can Boost Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand relies on many factors, but digital presence is probably the biggest.

But sometimes, you can be so busy running a business that you simply don’t have time to handle the traditional aspects of personal branding (speaking engagements, for example).

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the biggest digital branding outlets, and …

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Make The Most Of Your College Experience

Deal with your emotions first.

No matter where you go to college you can have a phenomenal experience and leverage your degree to get hired. Every college offers opportunities to broaden your knowledge base, expand your analytic abilities and gain real-world experiences through internships.  Adopting a proactive, positive attitude towards learning, meeting new people and …