Before Applying for a Job, Audit Your Online Presence and Social Media Accounts

shutterstock_321052196LinkedIn recently announced the hottest skills of 2015 which got people hired. LinkedIn found this data by analyzing all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on its website in 2015.

  • Cloud and Distributed Computing: 2015 was the year of cloud and it is no surprise to see that cloud and distributed computing is the most sought after skillset. It is expected that this trend will keep rising in 2016. Therefore, if you want to get hired fast, start learning skills like Hadoop, HBase and Hive.
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: I am pretty sure that everybody has seen at least 1 article about big data in 2015. Guess what? Big data is getting bigger and bigger everyday with so many posts, tweets, photos and video uploads. As a result, companies are dealing with more data than ever. In order to target the right customers and market them the right products, this data needs to be analyzed. Thus, companies need employees who know statistics and use tools like SPSS, SAS, KNIME, R Programming and etc.
  • Marketing Campaign Management/ SEO and SEM Marketing: Before the internet era, the biggest advertising tool was TV. Now, internet is widely used for advertising and it is much better than TV because internet ads can be measured easily. Companies can track their customers using cookies or different algorithms and show only the ads that they may get interested in. Obviously, someone needs to create these ads and manage their budgets. Thus, marketing campaign managers along with SEO and SEM marketers are responsible for designing, placing and managing these ads. If you want one of these jobs, you need to learn internet marketing tools like Google Adwords, Google Analytics and several email marketing programs.
  • Integration Software Development: Software programming skills will still be hot in 2016. Companies use many software programs and it is very hard to make sure all programs are compatible with each other. Sometimes, companies need to develop in-house software programs to join two systems together so that they can work in harmony. For this reason, most companies need integration software developers to mediate between two or more separate programs.
  • Mobile App Development: An app exists for anything you can imagine. Still, companies are creating more and more apps for their customers. Creating these apps is not enough by itself. They need to be maintained, fixed and upgraded according to the changing technology. As a result, if you still want to learn how to develop apps, you are still not late!