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    What Is Leadership Charisma

    Colleagues Award What is today’s charismatic leader like: They are enablers — energetic, spirited, gutsy, feisty, and maybe a little bit of an ass-kicker. Research shows…

    -They excite their staff by constantly introducing new ideas.

    -Have a creative ability that inspires others. -Bring energy and focus to implementing new ideas. -Change with the time at breakneck speed.…
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    The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Inspiring Lessons From Boy With Down Syndrome

    Working Together Live Conference

    Successful entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes…but this may be the most surprising one you’ve ever seen.

    A 5-year old boy with Down syndrome, Jackson Horn, has been inspiring and teaching business owners across the world for most of his life.

    His message has been shared on stage in 3 continents, and with tens …

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    Inspire, Inform and Instigate – Three I’s of Vibrancy

    Every day that you are granted the privilege of waking up, you are presented with a myriad of choices. Yet, there is one constant. From the richest person to the poorest. From every corner of the planet and right down to your desk, or hammock or wherever you decide to conduct business. Everyone starts out …

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