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The Foundation of Charismatic Interviewing

The most effective interviewees know how to engage a hiring manager or recruiter with candid, interesting conversation. There is a charisma and confidence to them that draws others into their way of thinking.

Their influential abilities resonate throughout both their professional and personal life. This includes those with whom they interview.

Specifically, charismatic interviewees are …

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15 Questions Sales Professional Should Be Prepared To Answer

Each year, more sales professionals lose potential employment opportunities because they are ill prepared for the interview than they do for any other reason – that includes being unqualified, unintelligent or incapable.

As a sales candidate, chances are that you have great ideas and a clear vision. Unfortunately, if you can’t convey that vision in …

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How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without Bragging

The overwhelming majority of job applicants realize the importance of selling themselves during an interview and they’re correct. It’s imperative to leave any meeting with a prospective employer or recruiting professional firmly believing in your competence, ability to do the tasks at hand as well as fit in with their corporate culture.

Not only does …

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Selling Yourself in an Interview Without “Selling” at All

For any company that has a winning attitude, nothing matters more than getting the right people in the right positions.  Therefore, as a job applicant, during the interview process you must make a compelling case that you are intelligent, competent, autonomous and knowledgeable in the desired areas.

However, it’s a catch-22.  If you come across …