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    Get The Most Out Of Social Media Groups For Your Personal Brand

    Social Media Groups

    For years groups on social media have been a hub of activity, especially for brands. These are a great a place for your personal brand to share helpful information and for networking. Groups can help build your community and create more meaningful social interactions.

    Many brands and businesses focus on their social network profiles and …

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    Exploiting A Niche To Master Your Brand

    In building your brand, it may seem like an impossible task to become one of the most respected voices in a particular market segment. It is, however, possible, but not by force. The path of least resistance in becoming a respected voice in a broad market segment is to start extremely narrow.

    Begin by evaluating …

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    Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: Kawasaki’s 3 Steps to Success

    I just interviewed Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple evangelist, social media master, and author of 12 books. We met up at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and talked about how to grow your following and self promote without being icky. He, in particular, was very keen to talk about self-publishing—understandably because his second …

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