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    Gross Salary and Pay: How it Works and Why It’s Important

    If your employer doesn't provide gross pay and net pay figures or itemize payroll deductions, how can you know if their numbers are correct?

    You just received your first paycheck. You calculated gross pay in advance by multiplying your hourly rate by the number of hours you worked. Maybe you’re surprised to see that the number on the stub doesn’t match what you were expecting.

    You’re probably wondering if there’s been a mistake. Of course, your take-home (net) salary …

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    Do’s and Don’ts of Asking For a Raise

    Everybody wants to get a fair paycheck for the accomplishments they have achieved. In the ideal scenario, your boss notices your achievements and gives you a raise. However, in the real world this is not really the case and you need to stand up for yourself and ask for a raise. Unfortunately, this is not …

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