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    Do a Self-Check as to Where You Are in Your Career

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    A Personal Relevance Reality Check

    Take a moment for a personal relevance reality check because at any age these painful things can start happening to you, and if they do, you’ll want to change your course of behavior:

    -You increasingly feel that your smarts aren’t getting you anywhere, that your skills aren’t being used.

    -You …

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    8 Rules for Replying to Angry Customers on Facebook


    Your business recently took a catastrophic nosedive. Maybe you aren’t keeping up with order fulfillment or you sent out a bad batch of product. Customers are blowing up your Facebook with negative reviews, angry comments, and bad juju. Whatever the case may be, just know this: it happens. The next few moves are crucial to …

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    What Is Most Personal is Most Universal

    Personal Journey

    We all think we’re different, but there are more similarities than differences between us. What is most universal is most personal. Most people:

    Feel not fully understood Are the center of their own universe Want to see what they own go up in value all of the time Want to be appreciated, to feel powerful,…
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    Why a Personal Email Address Matters

    Do you have one?

    Do you have more than one?

    How many personal email addresses do you have?

    Personal Email Addresses Matter

    In my case I currently have three that I regularly stay connected with and respond to inbound email. How many do you have? If none, why not? Perhaps this post will help change …

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    Can You Make the 10% Social Media Commitment

    How many followers do you have on Social Media?

    Would you be willing to make the commitment to meet 10% of them in person?

    How about 20% or even 50% of them? Would you be willing to make the time, the effort and the commitment to go out and physically meet at least 10% of …

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    Never Negotiate for Yourself

    There is a simple reason for why you should never negotiate for yourself. It’s too hard to be objective. I’m suggesting you think like an agent.

    It’s much easier to ask for what you want when you are negotiating for a 3rd party. Even if that third party is your pet goldfish.

    Why a 3rd…
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