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Hiring Opposite Keirsey Temperaments to Grow Your Company

The problem most people have when hiring new employees is the tendency to hire people just like themselves. Engineering firms that need a marketer look for engineering-types with marketing experience. Creative types who need someone to manage the office look for other creatives who have operations experience.

It’s a problem for many leaders — they …

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Spotting Keirsey/Myers-Briggs Temperaments at a Glance

Last week, I wrote about how knowing the different Keirsey Temperaments, could help you interact with different people you encounter. This week, I want to give you a basic understanding of how you could spot these different types.

There are four basic Keirsey Temperaments — SJ, SP, NT, NF — created by psychologist David Keirsey, …

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Using Myers-Briggs Temperaments to Help With Hiring and Selling

As you’re sitting in your next job interview, work evaluation, or sales call, knowing the Myers-Briggs temperament of the person sitting across from you can be extremely beneficial.

If you’ve ever heard of Myers-Briggs, you’re familiar with the 4-letter classification that each personality type has — ENFP, ISTJ, ISTP, ESFJ, and so on. There are …