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Recruiting Employees Who Win

In business, the companies that hire the best employees are the companies that win. This concept sounds simple, executing on it is an entirely different story. Despite more efficient job ad targeting and increased usage of social recruiting, hiring “difference makers” is – and always has been – a tall sales order.

It’s basic recruiting …

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Why Traditional Recruiting Methods Fail

The amount of time, effort and frustration companies go through to find reliable, intelligent recruiting assistance is astronomical.

Over the years, the majority of hiring companies bounce from one recruitment company to another, unable to gauge the real reason behind their inability to find effective staffing assistance.

Naturally, they wonder what the driver behind their …

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Being Persuasive, Personable and Positive During the Interview Process

With the economy significantly improving, launching a successful job search has become slightly less labor intensive. Regardless, job seekers who are looking to execute a fruitful employment search in today’s corporate environment ought to become familiar with advanced interviewing, persuasion and positivity strategies. If used properly, these tactics yield a higher salary, heightened confidence and …