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    8 Ways to Build a Solid Referral Program

    8 Ways to Build a Solid Referral Program

    Many successful businesses are built on the backs of solid, scalable referral programs. These enterprises don’t always make headlines and may not even have great name recognition, except among those lucky enough to be referred. 

    But they succeed all the same because their referral programs are powerful, cost-effective lead-generation channels. Unlike the mass media advertising …

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    Mr. Smith Recommended I Contact You…

    I was recently asked about how to use another person’s name (referral) in one’s networking efforts. When using another’s name in your networking efforts – you are tapping his/her reputation – his/her personal brand – to help open doors for you. While having referrals are like gold when networking, it is important to remember some …

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    Personal Brand Stereotypes #10: Connections to Corporate

    This will be the last “personal brand stereotypes” post I do for a while, to make room for all the other special content I have lined up for all of you. I was thinking about doing a Greek stereotype post (fraternities and sororities) or a racial stereotype post (Black or Asian people), but today I …

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