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    You’re “IT”

    When I was a kid, one of the favorite games to play in the neighborhood was called “IT”. The premise of the game was a simple one. One person was “IT” and had to cover his eyes and count to twenty. During this time, the rest of the players would hide.  After the “IT” person …

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    Getting to the Table

    Now that we have stuffed ourselves at Thanksgiving feasts with family and friends, I would like to share a story about growing up as one of the youngest members of my extended family. When I was a little kid, dinners at extended family gatherings were always broken into two groups, the adult and kid table. …

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    Why I Won’t Interview You

    Last year I was hiring for an administrative role within my office and received approximately 60 resumes. Sixty applications to go through, 5 minutes per application, 5 total hours of just looking at applications. This scenario was not going to happen as I did not have 5 hours to dedicate to screening application materials. Today …

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    Networking Tips from the Godfather

    In the opening scene of the 1972 classic, The Godfather, Don Corleone (The Godfather) and Bonasera (the undertaker) engage in a conversation around favors. Bonasera desires justice to be served on the young men who assaulted his daughter. After some discussion, Don Corleone agrees to punish the guilty and in return, he informs Bonasera, “Someday, …

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    Time for a Reset?

    Last week was the end of daylight savings time and many of us enjoyed an extra hour of sleep a week ago.  However, many readers were like me, waking up an hour before our alarms because our minds assumed it was time to get up.  If this happened to you, you also know the feeling …

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    Passed Over for the Top Job

    You have spent years building your application – solid experience, top skills, and a solid reputation.  You are ready to  take the leap to the next level within your organization only to see the opportunity go to someone from the outside.  What are you to do?  Two years ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education posted …

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    The Culture, Stupid

    In 1992, James Carville, working as a strategist for Bill Clinton (the Democratic Presidential Nominee), coined the campaign strategy phrase “The economy, stupid.”  He was attempting to focus the campaign staff on the most crucial themes of the election.  This phrase was meant for internal ears, however the words eventually made their way into mainstream …

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    Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or Andy Williams would like you to believe.  For many, the upcoming holiday season is a wonderful time of the year – for those who are in a job hunt, it can be the most stress-inducing, dreaded, would-rather-skip-it time of the year.  With those holiday greetings …

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    Second Impressions

    Two summers ago, I had the privilege of assisting at a networking training session for Notre Dame student-athletes. The fifty student-athletes in attendance and were asked to participate in a practice networking event with twelve members of the local community, of which I was one.  The event lasted for an hour and the men (amazingly, …

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    Independent Contractor

    A couple of days ago, I was reading an article about career management and came across the following advice:

    If you want to survive and see new opportunities, “think of yourself as an independent contractor,”  said CRAIG ALLEN, Creator, ‘Career Doctors’ radio show. “It does not mean you can’t be loyal to the company, but …

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