The Best Email Marketing Tools To Help Scale Your Brand

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For companies trying to grow by increasing their sales, the tried and true approach of email marketing has proved to be one of the best ways to generate leads. Even with the rise of social media, email marketing has held steady and is a valuable aspect of marketing strategy.

Email marketing can be a daunting task. For businesses that want to incorporate this into their sales approach, email marketing tools available to simplify and streamline the process. The following software will be helpful for those looking to introduce email marketing into their business plan:

1.  Hubspot

The toughest part of email marketing is keeping track of every single click and lead. Hubspot, with one of the most popular free email marketing tools, simplifies this by tracking all this information for you. You can receive notifications anytime an email is opened or a link is clicked, so you can follow potential customers along their path to conversion. Following trends helps you improve your customer experience in order to generate more leads and conversions.

Hubspot allows you to customize emails and set their delivery times, so your approach is personal but the work is automated. Start with one of their templates and tweak the design until you’ve created the perfect strategy for your business. Hubspot also offers live chat software that can be integrated into your website. This option eliminates the back and forth emails that can disgruntle potential buyers who simply want questions answered.

Basic services are free with optional premium plans.

2.  Omnisend

ECommerce is a rapidly growing industry, with online sales in the U.S. rising by 16% over the last year. Online shopping has been booming recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic, further increasing the rate at which eCommerce is expanding. Email marketing campaigns are useful for the eCommerce business hoping to get ahead of the competition.

Omnisend is the premier email marketing tool for eCommerce businesses. They know that an essential part of sales is reaching the right person at the right time, so they provide features to help you accomplish exactly that. Automate your tedious workflows and develop email forms and lists to get the perfect message out to potential buyers, helping to up your sales and grow your business.

Basic services are free with optional premium plans.

3.   Autopilot

Just as its name suggests, Autopilot lets you turn on cruise control for your email marketing campaigns through automation. With email marketing there will be some repetitive tasks, which Autopilot will take care of for you.

Automation isn’t a dry, robotic approach to marketing. Autopilot allows you to create the perfect customer experience that it will then dispense to online visitors. You can draw up plans for which messages to send when certain actions are completed, and then set your business to Autopilot to avoid the heavy lifting.

Offers 30-day free trial.

4.   Constant Contact

More clever name-play happens with Constant Contact, looking to help you maintain just that with your client base. Gaining and retaining new customers is the key to successful business, all of which can be done through Constant Contact. As they like to say, “We’re more than email marketing. We’re an online marketing platform.”


Along with over 100 email templates that allow you to perfectly portray your business, Constant Contact has a website builder to help generate even more leads for your business. Their premier feature is the ability to collect email addresses from all different sources. Whether they’re from social media, mobile apps, or your brand new website, Constant Contact will store any new email addresses to add to your campaign for maximum reach.

Offers 60-day free trial.

5.  Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the pioneers of modern email marketing. They began in 2001 as a solution for small businesses that couldn’t afford the expensive software of the times. After almost 20 years in the industry, innovation has kept Mailchimp at the forefront of their craft.

The goal of email marketing through Mailchimp is to build your brand. A stronger brand brings in more organic customers. Their easy-to-use tools allow you to build a professional even without the professional experience. Launch your email marketing campaign and use real-time analytics to see how your marketing is performing in order to make the adjustments necessary to succeed.

Basic services are free with optional premium plans.

6.  AWeber

Email marketing is just as helpful for small businesses as it is for large enterprises. AWeber looks to provide email marketing services for those smaller scale companies looking to grow. A smaller company’s resources are usually stretched thin, so using an email marketing tool helps you devote time and attention to other projects while technology helps you generate leads.

AWeber’s mission statement is: “Deliver powerfully simple email marketing software that does 90% of the work for you. We leave the 10% for you to have fun!” The 90% includes templates and automation that save you time while still providing effective services. The 10% is left for you to be creative, customizing your email marketing approach to present your business exactly how you would like.

Offers 30-day free trial.

7.   GetResponse

An email marketing campaign is only profitable if you are receiving interaction. GetResponse helps you connect with your customers so they keep coming back. Loyal customers provide a steady source of revenue and can even refer their friends for more organic clientele.

While providing similar features as other email marketing tools, GetResponse has a unique feature for creating and implementing webinars. This unique approach to marketing combined with your email campaign increases conversion rate and engagement like never before.

Offers 30-day free trial.

8.   Drip

Drip is another email marketing tool used to boost your eCommerce. Their analytics are next-level, allowing you to see every detail of your target audience so you can make data-driven decisions to push your business forward. This is done in an effort to understand exactly what your customers are doing and looking for.

Unlike other email marketing software, Drip also helps you build a presence outside of the inbox by integrating social media into the equation. If this is where your target audience is spending their time, having a tool that works across platforms is extremely valuable. This allows you to extend your reach much further than otherwise possible.

Offers 14-day free trial.

9.  Sendinblue

Email marketing requires some trial and error to find the perfect formula for success. Sendinblue provides A/B testing features to help you streamline your experiments to determine the best approach to your marketing. The less time you spend guessing, the more time you can spend focusing on your customers.

Sendinblue lets you group your contacts however you choose. You can make these groups as broad or as specific as you want. Follow-up with personalized content for each group to narrow your approach and perfectly match your target audience.

Basic services are free with optional premium plans.

Email marketing is one of the best methods of improving ROI. Take a chance to look over the tools listed above and determine which one could best serve your business. The results will astound you, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without an email marketing plan in the first place.