One method for adding value to what you are offering is referred to as the sales takeaway.
Dependent upon how the idea is presented, it may sound somewhat manipulative, or, it could be quite factual while serving to increase urgency.

Examples for how the takeaway may sound in either situation are:

“We are having a one day only sale to reduce supply. Hurry in or you will lose your small window of opportunity.” However, time and again, a similar sale is seen and so the intended customer loses trust in the vendor.

An improved way to use the technique is through advocating honesty. For example, you might say, “I will only be in town for a week but hope to see you then”. In this instance, those with whom you are trying to connect understand the value of your time and will scramble to get together with you.

There are other types of takeaways, too, that serve to build your company reputation. By providing words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation, or teaching how to improve upon an endeavor, those words are received as takeaways by your audience. These are helpful insights for your intended audience to ponder and possibly act upon. Should your target market implement your suggestions and see positive results, the takeaway originally received, from you, will always be remembered. This then goes to building your personal brand.

Social media provides a superb arena to offer the highly credible takeaways. By sharing your insights through tweets, posts, blogs, articles, pictures and video, many types of audiences will find you. They “listen” to what you have to say and some will request a conversation to learn more. This medium has turned the sales cycle upside down. Instead of having to pursue your prospective clientele, with the right takeaways, you attract your desired clientele.

The sales takeaway may be seen as a negotiating tool as well. The following scenario encompasses both strategies; that of the enormity of using social media correctly, and how to use the takeaway strategy for negotiation.

“Nancy” was asked to participate as a co-host of an upcoming webinar. Upon agreeing to take part, Nancy was then told she needed to send letters to her email lists at least two times prior to the webinar. Upon suggesting she prefer to use her social media connections for getting word out versus email, Nancy was told either she follow the rules or forego being a co-host.

Nancy was stunned because she was very active on social media having built a global presence. Taking a deep breath, Nancy stood up to hold her own. She conveyed that her systems are set up differently and relayed a synopsis of all of her connections. She mentioned her ties to large corporations, recognition from highly credible sources, and connections with millions across the world.

At the end of the conversation, Nancy said, “I fully understand you have a system in place. I’m too busy to change mine. And so if my style is not to your liking, then yes, please find someone else. “ This takeaway removed all further chatter about email, giving Nancy the green light to move forward as she sees best.

Using the factual version of the sales takeaway leads to the Smooth Sale!