The ZEN of Business and Branding Success

Personal Branding

I consider myself a “spiritual entrepreneur.” Someone who deeply cares about giving back to the community, people, and world that supports me. It’s just great Karma and Zen.

If you ask me how all this intangible stuff works, I will tell you it just does.

There is something about putting the right energy and intent out that just attracts the right things, as well as the opposite that detracts and repels.  Serendipity, law of attraction, call it what you like, it just is and I have come to welcome and accept it and not try to figure it out.

In Dr. Stephen Posts book “When Good Things Happen to Good People,” studies have proven the life-enhancing benefits of caring, kindness, and compassion. These can translate huge time in business.

I fully believe that there is a Zen of business and branding success. Zen is a set of principles that emphasize experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment.

Simply put we live it, we learn it, we share it.

It is a very thoughtful, reflective process. Every year in November, I do my vision board goals for the next year. I review what I need to do in a very holistic manner to continue to be successful and evaluate what is and is not working.

Here are the seven principles of Zen and how they can contribute to your business and branding success.

Kanso-elimination of clutter
Prune people, places, processes, and things that are cluttering up your path that are not helping you grow. Let go and move on from them and make room for new ones that can.

We must have work-life balance or else it’s just a crash and burn. We must re-charge and re-new our energies, health, and priorities.

Making things easy to do and follow, and making them effective is best in the multi-tasking, information overload world we now all live in. One click, a personal reply and finding and using appropriate technologies to help make things simpler and more user friendly helps. User experience is key.

Nothing is more important than coming out from behind your brand or business so that people can get a glimpse of the real you. We want to know who we are liking and trusting. Qualifying people today is a must.

Less is more.  Be out there consistently in a thought provoking way by stating, implying, inferring, suggesting, testifying. Share your ‘experiential wisdom.’

There is nothing more wonderful than hearing people share about the absolutely amazing things that happen to them daily and people that they meet that have a great impact on them for the RAK-random acts of kindness that they are doing daily all over the world. Celebrate the childlike wonder of all the good that you see and that happens to you daily. It multiples and attracts more to you.

Seijaku-calm solitude
Finally, we all need time for just us to reflect, muse, and meditate. Zen is about intuition and listening for the prompts and messages that are all around us.  This principal is so essential to our well being and it translates to our families, community and businesses. Honing and trusting our instincts is a powerful tool. Listen and hear. Be still and hear when the universe is speaking to you. Pay attention.

As a baby boomer who grew up with peace, love, and rock and roll, I say the Zen of business success starts with you and how you bring yourself into harmony with the will of the universe. It has its own ebb, flow and pace and has led me exactly where I am supposed to be going.

What’s your Zen for business and branding success?


Deborah Shane is an author, entrepreneur, radio host and expert. She is the heart and soul  of her business education and professional development company, Train with Shane and is in her third year of hosting a weekly business radio show on She writes for several national business, career and marketing blogs, and websites including,,, and Her new book Career Transition-make the shift-the 5 steps to successful career reinvention is available now on Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogtalkradio @Deborah Shane, or visit