Things Interviewers Hate the Most


Job interviews are your chance to explain your professional background plus your skills and impress the interviewer to get the job. Therefore, it is important to go there prepared and know what you should do and should not do. Some behaviors can hurt you and may prevent you getting the offer which you are looking forward to. Pay attention to the below tips and avoid making a mistake and ruin your chance of getting the job.

  • Talking Negatively about Your Current or Last Job: It is ok if you don’t like your current job or if you have problems with your current boss. Maybe, that is the reason why you are looking for another job. However, even if you are not happy with your former or current employers, you still should not badmouth them. No matter what problems you have with your employers, you always have to respect them. The interviewer will probably ask you why you want to change your job or why you quit from your previous job. Say that you are looking for something new or you are ready for an advancement, etc.
  • Showing up Late: Never show up late for an interview. Always try to show up 10-15 minutes early. Showing up late, sets you back from the beginning among other candidates. Also, it indicates that you either have poor planning skills or don’t pay enough attention to this interview.
  • Taking Everything Personal: Don’t take everything personal. This is an interview and you have to be professional. Don’t be a drama queen or king. Nobody is interested in hearing about your divorce or family problems. In fact, your interviewer may think that these problems can affect your performance and you won’t be able to fully concentrate on your job. Thus, keep your problems to yourself and be professional!
  • Focusing Only on Salary: Ok, everybody knows that you need a paycheck to be able to sustain your life. However, don’t make this the main point of the interview. Wait until you get the offer or until the interviewer brings it up. Then, start negotiating your salary.
  • Being Too Arrogant: You may have special skills or be an expert on a topic. Still, everybody is replaceable. Hence, don’t be arrogant. Give credit to others for the things that they have done. Don’t be too relaxed or chatty. This may be perceived as arrogance. Finally, if the interviewer makes a comment about you, don’t be defensive or take it personal.