We all know that getting over the inbox hurdle can be a challenge. Whether you are trying to land an informational interview, a sales call or a job interview, getting your email opened is the first step to success.

The challenge is that people routinely get dozens – even hundreds – of emails in their inbox every day. This means that every time they open their inbox, there are a million things screaming for their attention.

So, how the heck do you get your email opened?

How to get your “cold” email opened every time!

Today, we’re going to assume that you have the biggest challenge ahead of you: getting a cold email opened. A cold email is one that you send to a person (or company or email address) that you have no relationship with. This means that they have no reason to open your email or respond to you.

This means that to get your email opened, you have to win them over in the subject line.

How to Stand Out From All the Noise

Now, remember, getting your email opened is only the first step to getting a response. You’ll want to combine a succinct  well-written note with a minimal call to action for your best chance of getting hired.

To get your email opened, all it takes is these three tricks. Don’t forget the second one — it’s the most important.

1. Send emails between 11:30 and 12:30. By sending emails at this time, they get it while they are at lunch or right after they returned. This is a low energy time for most people and something easy and productive (like opening your email) is more likely to be opened and viewed positively!

2. Use a Subject Line that Pops! You only have one short sentence to convince them to open, so it has to be good. I recommend using your Super Hero Story for that specific job as the subject line. The idea is to communicate the value of opening the email to the person you are sending it to in the subject line. Pique their curiosity!

3. Use a Reputable Email A bad email address can only hurt you! There are lot of email clients (the part of your email after the @) that make you look professional. Any website that you proudly own can be used. But, in terms of free email clients, using a Gmail email address is your best bet. If you are applying for work, it is NEVER okay to use your employer email. Additionally, double check your “From” name – it should simply be your first and last name, with proper capitalization.