shutterstock_26220898Last week was the end of daylight savings time and many of us enjoyed an extra hour of sleep a week ago.  However, many readers were like me, waking up an hour before our alarms because our minds assumed it was time to get up.  If this happened to you, you also know the feeling of being exhausted at what seems like an unusually early hour that same evening. As those who have young children know, the extra hour of last Sunday really can throw off children. I find it takes them a day or two to adjust to the slight shift in time. It is amazing to think that such a small change can play havoc on our routine and bearings.

The same can be said with regard to your personal brand.  Has their been any changes, slight as they may appear on the surface, to you lately?  If so, it may be time to adjust your personal brand to account for the change.  Did you learn a new technology? Begin to manage people or budgets? Earn a promotion? Receive recognition for your work? Take on new projects at your business? Start a new venture on the side? End a venture you were trying to launch? Delegate aspects of your role to others? Whatever the change may be, it may be time to adjust your personal brand to reflect the new paradigms in your life. Many have embraced their brands and promote them through various channels – but do we take enough time to evaluate the changes affecting the brand?

I am not sure who was the marketing guru who came up with the idea of linking the replacing batteries in smoke detectors when one changes clocks due to daylight savings time, but these two tasks are now woven together for many. It may be time to link your brand evaluation efforts with a reoccurring event to remind yourself to evaluate if it is time for an adjustment.