Top New Social Networks for Branding

When it comes to social media marketing for your personal brand we often think of using Facebook and Twitter as our main networks. But what about taking advantage of other up and coming outlets? There are several new sites to take a look at.

Having a strong social media presence is important to building your brand. It’s a good idea to not keep all of your eggs in one or even two baskets in order to attract more followers.

There are many social media networks available today for brands such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube. To build a strong network for your personal brand on social media, you need to understand how to effectively leverage other outlets.

New Social Networks to Tap Into for Your Brand

In order to connect with the best, you need to know which social networks are going to be the most effective tools for your brand. Here are several new players on the block to consider joining:

The Selfie Revolution – Many brands can benefit from the exposure of social networks like Instagram and SnapChat. Well now you can deliver your image and brand message the moment it happens on Shots, available to iOS users and soon Android.

Share Your Brand Photos On A Canvas – While Pinterest has become a dominant and effective social sharing tool with easy to read boards, your brand can add more followers through a canvas of photos, including your products or services. We Heart It is similar in that images are organized into collections in a very easy to view format.

Microblogging Has Evolved – Your personal brand greatly benefits from sharing and posting content on Twitter, otherwise known as a ‘microblog.’ For a long time this network has stood alone in its approach, that is until now. A former founder of the company co-launched his own version called, Medium. This is just one more way to create more awareness for your brand with this growing social network.

Attracting the right followers in social media for your personal brand is a process, but well worth the effort in determining which networks will be the most effective according to your mission. Be open to trying new platforms and be sure to measure your progress there to see how effective it is for your personal social portfolio.